With over 20 years experience in software engineering and product design, I have worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands to transform their business, build products customers love, and empower teams to do their best work.

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Richard speaking on a panel on Technology in Education at the Houses of Parliament in London, UK.

“Creating great products is the result of great teamwork. If you think that everyone knows what that takes, you’d be surprised.


At Deloitte, Richard led partnerships and technical initiatives, drove business development and lead mobile product teams across various industries, contributing to strategic growth and innovation.


As the Product Lead for the Enterprise Design Lab at Apple, Richard helped guide and mentor teams both in-person and remotely to drive innovation and expand the benefits of Apple technologies.


At Apple, Richard honed his user-led design and storytelling skills, to help teams enrich customer experiences across various industries.


With a deep foundation in software engineering, Richard knows what makes successful products tick through decades of experience crafting code, and leading teams.

“Richard’s extensive experience across domains, from technology to understanding users, shines through in his remarkable attention to detail. His depth of knowledge elevates both the quality of work and team collaboration.”

Rogier Beeftink @ Taxfix

There is no doubt today that AI and large language models are set to revolutionise the business and consumer world of tomorrow.

Richard has an exceptional track record in integrating technology and design to empower product teams and their processes. He has been a significant contributor for industry giants, including Apple and Deloitte, where he has not only showcased his expertise but also left a lasting impact through his leadership and vision.

As the Product Lead at Apple’s Enterprise Design Lab, Richard guided teams through a user-led design processes, producing innovative solutions that enhanced stakeholder engagement and aligned technology with user needs.

At Deloitte, Richard drove the delivery of mobile solutions, and helped scale the mobile team, while fostering relationships with global partners. This showcased his ability to leverage technology for strategic business growth.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Richard is deeply committed to education and mentorship. He leverages his extensive software engineering and product design expertise to guide individuals and teams, promoting agile and user-centric principles. This commitment to continuous learning and adaptation is vital in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

His unique blend of software engineering skills and product design experience enables Richard to solve complex problems creatively, fostering an innovative and collaborative environment.

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